Value Proposition

Elite Market Access

With elite agent status, we have access to exclusive innovative product lines that are only offered through select advisors.

Customized Plan Design

With our unique strategies to developing flexible and affordable benefits plans, we will ensure a cost effective plan design, customized to your particular needs.

Sustainable Cost Containment

We will aggressively negotiate your annual renewal rates with your benefits provider to ensure your costs remain in line with your plan usage.

Superior Plan Service

We will be your first point of contact for all plan inquiries, and will ensure the timely resolution of any administration issues. 

Disability Claims Management

We get actively involved in disability claims management to expedite the process, ensuring that claims are paid fairly and timely.Â

Consistent Claims Review

We will continually monitor your claims experience, identify any areas of concern and provide you with plan design alternatives to help control claims. 

Communication Services

We hold employee information sessions and provide your HR team with communication materials to help your employees understand the benefits plan.